lory of Gladiators
Glory of Gladiators casts you in the role of the Master of a gladiator training school. Players are tasked with finding training and gearing the strongest gladiators and later defeating enemies with strategy. It will also bring you back to the real historical events where you can experience the most known epic campaigns yourself.

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  • Fighting-game-like design

  • Heroes in history

  • Aging gladiators

  • Champion Cup

  • Glory of Gladiators presents you most detailed graphics and animations, featuring with a unique strategy-skill system.

  • You will take part in the epic campaigns and interact with the most famous heroes. Some may even be recruited into your force!

  • Gladiators, as in real life, grow old while becoming more experienced. Plan the training schedules for your gladiators carefully, and make the best use of the peak time!

  • Monthly event. Players can send their best gladiators in the elimination games. The winner will receive rich rewards as well as the most glorious honor.